Dear BHS Community!

As the 2021-2022 school year begins, the Beaverton High School Success Fund (BHSSF) Board of Directors welcomes everyone back to the Beaverton High School campus.  Recognizing that there are continuing challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have renewed our commitment to support the needs of students and staff at BHS.  Even more importantly, we continue to honor the mission of BHSSF: To transform the culture and provide enhanced educational opportunities at Beaverton High School.

To that end, we are proud to announce a $1.8 million donation by Scott Shleifer (BHS Class of 1995) to the Beaverton High School Success Fund. Through his generosity, we will be CHANGING THE GAME at Beaverton High School. What does this donation mean for our community?

First, we want to become the most “FEE-FRIENDLY” public high school in the District and perhaps in the State of Oregon.

  • All Students will be receiving a ASB (Associated Student Body) sticker entitling them to enter athletic events for free.
  • All Students who participate in classes, that may require extra supplies and costs, will no longer pay BHS class fees. This will be covered by BHSSF.
  • All Students participating in school activities (Choir, Band, Drama, and Cheer) will no longer be charged the $85 activity fees. This will be covered by BHSSF.
  • Student Athletes will now only be required to pay 50% of the associated fee for a single sport (currently around $225). The other 50% will be subsidized by BHSSF.

Second, we have allocated resources to support the teachers and staff at BHS.  Teachers are being encouraged to incorporate immersive experiences into their classes through field trips, special lectures, conferences, and other unique opportunities. We are ensuring that teachers do not let financial barriers inhibit their ability to get what they need as they help prepare BHS students for their future.

Finally, BHSSF will be awarding over $150,000 in scholarships annually for the next 3-5 years. More details will be forthcoming, but our vision is to award scholarships, not be based on financial needs alone, but in alignment with the Beaverton High School core values:  Excellence, Learning, Community Connection, and Tradition.  This, in theory, makes EVERY student eligible for a scholarship upon graduation from THE Beaverton High School.

As the 2021-2022 school year continues to evolve, the need for support is on-going and we are confident that we can do even more with greater community involvement. Here are a few ways that you can  support these initiatives:

  • Make a donation at  Parents of student athletes are also encouraged to make a donation to help subsidize all student athletes.
  • Buy a Brick on the BHS Plaza – Leave a lasting legacy to honor a special BHS student, friend, family or business.
  • Save the Date for the 2022 Benefit for Beaverton High School, to take place in Spring 2022. Details to follow on the BHSSF Website.

This week (September 23 and 24), we continue to foster our traditions and connect alumni across generations with our 5th Annual Beaverton High School Alumni Golf Tournament and awarding the Ralph Holland Jr. Memorial Trophy and honoring the memory of a distinguish alumnus. This event, taking place during the Football Homecoming weekend, will be another opportunity for BHS and BHSSF to build upon the legacy associated with our 106-year-old high school. We hope that we will see many of you on the golf course.

Finally, thank you to all our donors, sponsors, staff, parents, and alumni for the various ways you support BHSSF and Beaverton High School.  We invite everyone to be “game-changers” this year to help ensure that ALL students graduate prepared for, confident in and excited about the future they choose.   Let’s have a fantastic year and continue our tradition of making BHS such a special place of learning.

Warm Regards,
John Signature

Jon Caplan
Beaverton High School Success Fund
Board President