Making a Difference

What if we expected more from high school? What if we recognized it as not the end of a student’s childhood education, but the beginning of their future? What if the goal was not just to teach kids, but to help them become inspired young adults, well-prepared and ready to set the course for the rest of their lives?

That’s the spirit behind the Beaverton High School Success Fund, which is designed to improve the educational experience at Beaverton High, beyond the normal funding provided by the school district. Through private donations, the Success Fund works to make a positive, meaningful impact on the lives of all BHS students by fostering greater opportunities to learn, explore, discover and succeed.

It’s a vision being realized through diverse programs and projects that the Success Fund supports, including:

By coming together as a community–alumni, donors, teachers, students and families–the Success Fund is working to not only strengthen BHS, but evolve it into a model for the future of high school education.

Join us and help transform the what-ifs of today into tomorrow’s reality for Beaverton High School.

We're getting there

Thanks to donations from 150 individuals, families, foundations and businesses, we have raised nearly $5 million so far and, in the process, established a new $10 million goal. Please consider giving today. Large or small, every dollar helps towards making a direct, positive difference at the school, both now and for years to come.

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