Our Vision:

Every individual at Beaverton High School is Future Ready.

Our Mission:

We believe Each and Every students will graduate from Beaverton High School prepared for, confident in, and excited about the future

Core Value

Excellence Inspires Us
We demand excellence in every aspect of our school

3-Year Goal

90% of all students will graduate from high school on-time (diploma or GED)

*English Language Newcomers often take 5 years depending on their arrival and academic history

1-Year Goal

90% of all freshmen will be on track to graduate at the end of the 2022-23 school year by receiving 6 or more credits.

School Focus

  • Freshmen Success Teams with a focus on building communities and relationships
  • Revamp 8th grade to 9th grade transition and use data to create individualized schedules and teacher assignments for students in need of intensive supports
  • Launch a school wide PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) system that teaches common expectations to students and reinforces expectations with rewards and appropriate responses.

Success Fund Supports

  • Future Days (*if we can find a coordinator)
  • Counselor support fund
  • Scholarships for 10th graders
  • Incentives for 9th grade teams – monthly awards for students who demonstrate the core values of BHS

Learning Transforms Us
We instill a passion for exploring ideas, questions, and possibilities

BHS will move closer to AVID (Advance Via Individual Determination) school wide and will utilize instructional practices and organizational practices from W.I.C.O.R. =


BHS will focus professional learning on two instructional strategies for the 2023-24 school year:

Student discourse and focused note taking

  • Increase staff who are AVID trained
  • Providing multiple ways to teach note taking based off of subject area
  • Classroom materials for interactive notebooks
  • Potential for professional development support

Community Connects Us
We are a caring, inclusive, and collaborative community

The school culture is designed to ensure that each person, every day feels welcomed, included

At least 85% of all students will report having a connection to at least one educator at BHS

  • Beaver Lodge lessons that focus on Social Emotional Learning
  • Student affinity groups
  • Community partnerships
  • Student culture grants
  • Staff wellness supports
  • Class t-shirts
  • Family outreach events
  • Facilities improvements
  • Student News Network (BTV)

Tradition Unites Us
We recognize and embrace our rich legacy and traditions and adapt our traditions to meet the needs of our students


100% of all students participate in at least one activity, athletic team, or club during their high school years

100% of freshmen will participate in at least one activity, athletic team, or club during their 9th grade year.

  • Club, activity expansion
  • Student recruitment efforts
  • Communication of school message
  • Discourse with student, staff, and families about school culture and needs
  • After school weights program
  • Summer camp scholarships
  • Class fees subsidized
  • Performing art support
  • Resources for club expansion
  • Social media support