Our Story

The Beaverton High School Success Fund was created by a few dedicated parent-volunteers in 2014 to enable a vision, led by Principal Dr. Anne Erwin, to help transform the culture and provide enhanced educational opportunities at Beaverton High School. In supporting BHS’s mission of preparing all students for their future, the BHSSF has been an important instrument to support the cultural change and transformation that continues to this day. And we accomplished this together – in just a few years. All BHS students and staff have been beneficiaries of this support through additional investment in our academic programs, athletics, student activities, counselor assistance, and facilities; helping to drive innovations in the classroom and throughout the campus of Beaverton High School.

What’s Next

The Beaverton High School Success Fund’s five-year vision includes the creation of a planned outdoor community, with state-of-the-art athletic and activity fields. The plans are in place, the vision is set, and now we need support from the entire BHS community to make it a reality.

Along with ongoing support for academics, updated technology and funding for increased student opportunities, this facilities improvement is a major undertaking, but progress is already being made. Thanks to donations from 150 individuals, families, foundations and businesses, we have raised nearly $5 million so far and, in the process, established a new $10 million goal. Please consider giving today. Large or small, every dollar helps towards making a direct, positive difference at the school, both now and for years to come.

History of BHS

In June 1916, Beaverton High School was dedicated to huge fanfare, as described by the Beaverton Times: “Never in the history of Beaverton has so large a crowd gathered to dedicate a public enterprise and through the entire assembly there seemed to run the feeling of pride and the enthusiasm of progress.” When classes began in September of that year, with just 60 students and 8 teachers, it included the first 12 th grade class ever to exist in the City of Beaverton. BHS swelled to more than 2000 students several times necessitating the addition of more square footage to our campus and even requiring the construction of additional area high schools. Over the decades Beaverton High School students, staff, and families experienced two world wars, conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, and the middle east; the Great Depression and the boom of the 1990s.

Today, the student body of BHS represents the diversity of our community and nation and the school is dedicated to ensuring that Every individual at Beaverton High School is Future Ready. From 1916 to today our school’s history is infused with a deep sense of pride, a drive for excellence, and enduring traditions.