Welcome to the Beaverton HS Hall of Achievement

Beaverton High School graduates have lead extraordinary lives with a positive impact on the local, national, and international community. They’ve earned Olympic gold medals, founded major corporations, moved the sciences forward, won awards in the arts and served their country in the armed forces and in government. They, as well as the teachers, coaches, and staff who helped shape their young lives, receive the honor they are due within the BHS Hall of Achievement. If you know or know of people worthy of consideration, please nominate them!

Inductees attending the 2019 luncheon from left to right: Lucille Goyak Rogers, Jack Neff, John Thompson, Elisabeth Hampton Gray, Gene Biggi, Scott Burns, John Polos (kneeling), Al Jubitz, Carolyn Wood, Rod Harman, Steve Biles, Bert Waugh Jr., and
​Nick Robertson

About the HoA

The Beaverton High School Hall of Achievement was formed during the high school’s Centennial celebrations in 2016 to recognize and celebrate individuals who, through their exceptional achievements, have brought honor to themselves, Beaverton High School, and their community.

The goal of the Hall is to recognize their contributions and to foster pride within the current generation of students and inspire them to achieve greatness in their own lives.