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BEAVERTON, Ore.—The Beaverton High School Success Fund (BHSSF), a nonprofit organization benefiting Beaverton High School, announced that it raised a total of $130,000 at 2018 Inspirit held on April 26, a record-breaking amount for group’s annual spring fundraising event. With more than 175 people in attendance this year’s event, the amount raised will directly benefit Beaverton High School. BHSSF funds are used to help support academic programs, improve facilities, and support students and teachers at the high school.

BHSSF funding helps address the school’s biggest needs, both short and long term. In just three years, school updates made possible by BHSSF funding include major renovations of the BHS library, gym, weight room, staff room, the student center and community resources room. BHSSF also has provided support and resources for homeless and low-income students, awarded individual scholarships and helped purchase updated technology and computers for the school. Additionally, BHSSF support has allowed for expanded educational pathway programs for students, including digital media, health careers and engineering.

“BHSSF is working to make a positive, meaningful impact on the lives of all BHS students by helping transform the school into a true 21st century learning environment,” said Joth Ricci, vice president of the BHSSF board of directors. “From individuals and families to local companies, the outpouring of support for the school from the community has been amazing.”

Major sponsors and supporters of 2018 Inspirit event include Bales & Lamb’s Marketplace, Accenture, Vista Capital Partners, Audi Beaverton, Porsche Beaverton and American International Forest Products. Other contributions included donations from Adelsheim Winery, Decarli’s Restaurant, the Portland Timbers, Stephanie Inn and the Reser Family. In total, since it was founded in 2014, BHSSF has raised nearly $5 million for Beaverton High School. Thanks in part to involvement and support from the community, BHS also has achieved a major increase in graduation rates in the past two years.

For more information about BHSSF and how to get involved, visit
2CALENDAR ADVISORY BHSSF hosts Inspirit, a Spring Gala benefitting Beaverton High School, April 26, 2018

Beaverton High School friends, families and supporters will want to mark their calendars for the school’s largest fundraising event of the year. The Beaverton High School Success Fund (BHSSF) will hold its third annual Inspirit fundraiser to help raise funds to directly support Beaverton High School students, academic programs and facilities.

Inspirit attendees will enjoy a Northwest cuisine inspired dinner, Adelsheim wine pairings and a performance by Beaverton High School student musicians. The evening program will include presentations by BHS staff and students who will highlight school accomplishments and future plans. Attendees also will have the opportunity to purchase tickets for a chance to win a Bales Marketplace shopping spree, special collections of Adelsheim wines and more.

Money raised through BHSSF is used to provide student scholarships, enhance learning opportunities, provide updated technology and improve the school’s facilities, resulting in increased graduation rates and student engagement. Tickets to attend BHSSF Inspirit cost $100 and can be purchased online at

Sponsors of the 2018 Inspirit celebration include Bales Market Place, Vista Capital Partner, and Accenture.

2018 BHSSF Inspirit Spring Celebration will be held Thursday, April 26 from 6‑9 p.m.

Castaway, 1900 NW 18th Ave., in Portland’s Pearl District

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Established in 2014, BHSSF is a nonprofit organization that has raised nearly $5 million through private contributions to help make significant improvements at Beaverton High School. BHSSF focuses investments in four key areas designed to have a positive, meaningful impact on students, including academic programs, student support, technology and facilities. For more information about BHSSF, visit
3VIDEO Principal Anne Erwin describes the Success Fund

The Oregonian has created a video for oregonlive outlining the purpose and goals of the Beaverton High School Success Fund. View it on YouTube.

Established in 2014, BHSSF is a nonprofit organization that raises private contributions to help make significant improvements within Beaverton High School. BHSSF focuses investments in four key areas designed to have a positive, meaningful impact on students, including academic programs, student support, technology and facilities. For more information about BHSSF, visit

Press Coverage

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I earmark my donation or contributions for a specific project or purpose?
Generally, yes, as long as it falls within the Success Fund mission. If you’d like to speak with a member of the BHSSF board to discuss your philanthropic intent, please email
2Does the district have involvement in how the Success Fund money is spent?
No, Beaverton High School Success Fund is a separate, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It operates independently of the district and the high school, however, we collaborate as projects are approved and move forward to determine how they can be accomplished as efficiently and effectively as possible.
3Does the school district restrict money earmarked for the school because BHS has the Success Fund?
No. The district is very supportive of the Success Fund and BHS will continue to receive its fair share of funding, regardless of the existence of the Success Fund.
4How can I make a donation to the Success Fund?
Click the “Donate” tab and follow the instructions. Donate
5How does the Success Fund determine which programs and projects to support?
Teachers, staff, students and families generate ideas and proposals for use of Success Fund resources. These ideas form the basis of proposals the principal offers to the board for review. The goal is to fund projects that will have the greatest and most direct positive impact on students and the school consistent with the four areas of intention – academic programs, technology, student support and facilities.
6Are donations to the Success Fund tax-deductible?
Yes. The Success Fund is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. The tax identification number is 47-2022300.
7Is there a minimum donation?
No. Every dollar matters. Donations have ranged from a one-time contribution of $50 to $50,000 over five years to a $3 million pledge over four years.
8How are you measuring success?
There is clearly a growing culture of high expectation and excellence at BHS. U.S. News & World Report recently (2016) named BHS the #15 best high school in Oregon and acknowledged the growth in the number of students taking AP courses and tests. Other signs of progress include overall school attendance being up three percent compared to last year, with every grade showing improvement. Participation in Saturday morning academic support sessions have averaged more than 50 students per week. We are adding an engineering pathway that will enroll over 100 students in the 2016-17 school year. The number of students involved in sports, performing arts and other activities is growing, many of them supported by Success Fund dollars.